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Let’s start the school year under the sign of celebration

The colors of autumn are coming, you miss summer already and you feel the nostalgia of holidays… Do not let the new school year ruine your morale and end your sunny evenings. Les Paillotes are coming back for more animated evenings than ever!

To start this new school year in joy and good mood, Les Paillotes have concocted just for you a tailor-made evening to fight against the starting-of-the-school-year blues. Between deliciously retro cocktails, barbecues to share and jazz concerts, you will not be left out.

On Friday the 5th and Friday the 19th of October, between 7:30 pm and midnight, Les Paillotes lead the dance. Nothing like sipping a well-deserved cocktail after a wild dance, isn’t it ?

To feast your ears, Palta Trio and then Estelle Jazz Session Trio will be performing on the intimate scene of our sunny terrace. Between jazz and swing, impossible not to let yourself be carried away with the rythm. But do not worry, there is no question of dancing with an empty stomach. Our barbecue* is waiting for you! You will be able to taste melon and Iberian ham, grilled meat, roasted camembert and chocolate mousse. Gourmands will tell you it is impossible to resist. And to end these evenings in style, let yourself be charmed by our signature cocktails that will give the note to each evening.


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Menu without drinks: 45€ per person (Includes: Melon and Iberian ham, grilled meat and grilled vegetables (piece of beef, lamb chop, pork belly, barbecue sauce), roasted camembert for two, chocolate mousse).

* Subject to favorable weather conditions

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Let’s start the school year under the sign of celebration

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