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Spa Treatment menu

Baths and wraps

These emblematic treatments with grape, red vine and essential oil extracts help reduce tissue swelling by draining and boosting circulation for an exceptional moment of relaxation.

Scrubs and massages

All our massages feature ultra-fine grape-seed and essential oils, known for their nourishing and softening properties.

Facial treatments

Our facial treatments were developed from the unique combination of our patented grape and grapevine ingredients with the latest skincare techniques. In the hands of our therapists, you’ll experience a full regimen of skincare treatments for firmer, healthier, more beautiful skin.

Hand and foot treatments

A unique treatment to delight your hands or feet, right up to your nails! Your nails are first filed and then buffed with fresh halved grapes for an exceptional moisturizing and whitening effect. This treatment is followed by a scrub and the application of a mask. Then, a relaxing hand or foot massage puts the finishing touch on this moment of complete relaxation.

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Pamper yourself

At Les Etangs de Corot, we wanted to offer you a special gift. You will finally have all the time you need to pamper yourself at the Caudalie spa …

5 spa treatments = 6
10 spa treatments = 12

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