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Baths and wraps

These iconic treatments, which use extracts of grape, red wine and essential oils, help to relieve tissue by draining and activating circulation for a wonderful moment of relaxation.

Exfoliation and massages

All our massages are carried out with essential oils and ultrafine grape seed oil, renowned for its nourishing and soothing properties.

Facial treatments

Our facial treatments are a result of our patented processes derived from the vine and the latest beauty therapy techniques. In the hands of our therapists, you can discover a complete range of treatments for a firmer, healthier and more beautiful skin.

Manicures and pedicures

Enjoy a unique treatment to enhance your hands or feet, so you look great from head to toe! The nails are filed and then rubbed with fresh grape pulp for exceptional moisturising and whitening effects. The beauty treatment is followed by exfoliation and the application of a mask, followed by a relaxing massage of the hands or feet, truly the icing on the cake of this moment of pure relaxation.

More opportunities to treat yourself

At the Spa Caudalie at Les Étangs de Corot in Ville-d’Avray, we can provide you with the perfect excuse to enjoy even more opportunities to treat yourself...

5 treatments purchased = 1 treatment free
10 treatments purchased = 2 treatments free

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