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Getaway A bucolic getaway

Where history, nature and culture meet …

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Les Etangs de Corot hotel is in Ville-d’Avray, just west of Paris, an unspoiled town where many artists and writers have chosen to live over the past two centuries, to get away from fashionable city life. Starting in the 19th century, Ville-d’Avray became known as a restful spot where many well-known figures of the French cultural scene came to relax in the country. Artists, painters, writers, and musicians have been attracted and inspired by its charms.

Today, Ville-d’Avray is a well-preserved heritage site with a rich cultural life, full of memories of Corot’s paintings that immortalized the forest and ponds, now renamed the “Etangs de Corot” in honor of the forerunner of the impressionist movement.

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Les Etangs de Corot hotel is steeped in this history and set in a bucolic environment that has miraculously remained intact for over a century and a half.

This haven of tranquility, only 15 minutes from Paris, is entirely devoted to relaxation, an ideal getaway for a sunny afternoon or a long weekend, where the stresses of city living and everyday realities are completely left behind.

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