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Hotel Restaurant Versailles

Between the bucolic charm of the ponds and the grandeur of Versailles

Do you dream of moments of total escape not far from the capital? Our hotel restaurant in Versailles les Etangs de Corot opens its doors to you with delicacy and generosity. The comfort of 4-star accommodation, the luxury of our spa, or even the joy of enjoying a timeless gourmet meal. Here are so many pleasures to share in the heart of our verdant haven of peace, located a few minutes from the Palace of Versailles.


Le Corot, an exceptional table in our hotel restaurant Versailles

Our chef Rémi Chambard is one of the many creative minds who have set their sights on the nature of the Corot ponds, this countryside Paris, as he likes to call it. On the plate, he strives to combine gluttony and expression of the terroir, whose marvels he cherishes so much. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Versailles, your exploration can begin at Le Corot, tasting an exquisite cuisine, distinguished by a Michelin star. The refined decoration and the divinely orchestrated service complete your moments of pure gastronomy.

The Café des artistes, a bistronomic meeting place a stone's throw from Versailles

Pleasure of the senses and moments of sharing with family or friends take on their full dimension at the Café des artistes. The Etangs de Corot bistro, hotel restaurant in Versailles, has a warm decor. Conducive to conviviality, the bright room opens onto the flourishing nature through the large glass roof. The chef and his brigade offer generous and authentic cuisine here, highlighting in particular products from the Ile-de-France region.


The ponds of Ville-d’Avray, an inspiring rural canvas

The ponds seduce and fascinate the eye, over the ages. Thus, the painter Camille Corot, considered one of the precursors of Impressionism, inspired his name to this unique place. The artist came to spend his summers in the family home and devoted himself to his pictorial work on the banks of the ponds of Ville-d'Avray.

It is at the water's edge, in this relaxing bucolic atmosphere, that you can enjoy a cocktail and a light meal outdoors. The 19th century guinguette Les Paillotes, located just 5 minutes by car from Versailles, reveals its country charm and retro spirit as soon as the fine weather arrives. 


The Palace of Versailles, a grandiose visit near our hotel restaurant Les Etangs de Corot

The most illustrious of the castles of France is located a stone's throw from the hotel Les Etangs de Corot. Take advantage of your Versailles getaway to visit the Palace of Versailles! The Hall of Mirrors: who hasn't dreamed of treading this iconic and world-famous floor? This piece of unequaled splendor testifies to the splendor of the time. Outside, the French gardens, which the Sun King himself wanted to develop, are no less impressive in their beauty.

A few minutes by car from our hotel restaurant Versailles, the visits continue. The Saint-Louis cathedral, jewel of the Baroque period, the Notre-Dame market, or the antique dealers' district and the Lambinet museum recall the rich cultural and commercial past of the city center. Your private and professional events come to life in our 42 rooms and reception areas. Between resort and gastronomy, a stone's throw from Versailles, our teams are dedicated to your well-being.

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