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Who has never dreamed of visiting the City of Light, the city that makes you dream with its glorious past and its monuments, each one more beautiful than the next? Versailles, its famous castle, its history, its heritage, its international influence. Only a few minutes by car from Versailles, the hotel Les Étangs de Corot is located in the middle of the Fausses-Reposes National Forest, far from the urban tumult and in the heart of a quiet and peaceful cocoon. The hotel's guests come for a timeless break in the middle of nature despite its proximity to the Parisian capital, but also to visit the region's treasures. Among them, the famous city of Versailles!

The Château de Versailles from the hotel Les Étangs de Corot

The city is full of treasures to discover, and if they are not, or no longer, completely secret, they are nevertheless worth a look. The Château de Versailles, first of all. No need to present it as it is THE most famous castle in France. The very famous Hall of Mirrors, the gardens of the castle as well as the king's kitchen garden, you enter here a high place of the History of France. The gardens are a veritable green setting, desired by the Sun King himself, and designed by Le Nôtre, a renowned architect who accompanied the entire architectural evolution of Versailles at the time. These gardens were considered to be green salons where strolls and walks were de rigueur. However, they are divided into several parts: pleasure gardens, of course, ornamental and magnificent, as well as an area for hunting where the nobles of the time could indulge in their favourite practice. There are 8,000 hectares of these breathtakingly perfect French gardens. The king's kitchen garden is also a must-see. Although it is not located within the château, it is nevertheless closely linked to the same period since it is the result of a wish of Louis XIV and covers 9 hectares. Also a French garden, it is said to have a "productive vocation".
Finally, the Hall of Mirrors is located in the heart of the castle. It amazes young and old alike who set foot in it. A sublime room that stands out for its gilding and its luminosity, it is an emblematic place of the castle where many receptions were held. And if you are looking for a hotel in Versailles that allows you to visit all these places, Les Étangs de Corot is the right establishment for you.

Versailles hotel, a city that has crossed the centuries

Because there is more to Versailles than just the château, there are many other places to visit. Places of culture, places of life and historical places. The Saint-Louis cathedral, for example, which dates from the 18th century and is typical of the baroque period, stands proudly in the middle of the town. You can also enjoy the typical peace and quiet of the Hameau de la Reine in the gardens of the Domaine du Trianon, dear to Marie-Antoinette. And because, even if he was its most illustrious inhabitant, there is more to Versailles than just Louis XIV. Visit the Balbi Park, an English-style garden built at the request of Anne de Caumont La Force, Countess of Balbi. 
For culture lovers, Versailles also has many museums, including the Lambinet Museum and the Museum of French History. Other special features of Versailles to see are the antique dealers' district, the carrés saint-Louis

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