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At the gates of the palace...

Just ten minutes from our hotel lies the Palace of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built to show the artistic and political might of France. Often dubbed the “greatest palace in the world”, it  initially started off as a modest hunting lodge constructed under Louis XIII. It was this location that was nonetheless chosen by Louis XIV to build the palace that we know today, a palace unlike any other and a symbol of royal absolutism and an incarnation of French classical art.

Visiting the Palace of Versailles

“This isn’t a palace, it’s an entire town. Superb in its grandeur, superb in its materials.” These were the words writer Charles Perrault, famed for his literary versions of fairy tales, used to describe Versailles. With imposing architecture and more than 800 hectares of gardens, the Palace of Versailles is brimming with history and culture, and is one of the most visited attractions in France.

Discover the likes of the Hall of Mirrors, the King’s State Apartments, the Queen’s Apartment, the Crusades Rooms, the Museum of the History of France, the Royal Opera, the Trianon Estate, and the Royal Chapel. Wherever you turn, history stands before you at the Palace of Versailles, the seat of power until 1789.

To fully appreciate it, one day isn’t enough! For this reason, the hotel offers 1 and 2 day tickets from reception.

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